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First and foremost, let me take a wild guess about the things you were possibly doing before you sat down in front of your computer to read this article:

  • Getting wet and wild bathing the dog.
  • Trying to jog around the neighborhood but stopped halfway to rest your aching feet (and soon decided to just go home and browse the web).
  • Justifying to your youngest daughter why you missed another one of your grandchild’s recital (while knowing the real reason is you totally forgot about it).
  • Taking off your golf shoes.
  • Searching for Adventure Travels and fantasizing about your next exotic flight.
  • Taste-testing first class wines at a new wine house in town; wondering how life would’ve turned out if you’re high school sweetheart were still by your side.

If any of the above seems like your choice of activity, then you probably were born between 1946-1964 - a certified baby boomer.


As young adults, baby boomers were quite busy revolutionizing the world and focusing on both individual as well as societal freedoms. Many sacrificed the luxury of “quality private time.” Although some of us boogied our way through the 70’s, most boomers ended up to be hard working, slightly obsessive compulsive professionals, politicians, and successful businesspeople. But now, for better or worse, our corporate days are nearly over. Now we can enjoy the things we dreamed of when we were still struggling with the tumultuous journey. And since time now permits, the moment for recollection and reconnection is at hand. Ever wondered what happened to your classmate who burned his draft card on campus? Curious to know how the classmate you used to have a crush on turned out? Want to know whether your buddy has finally created his own rock-n-roll band?

Now there’s an easy way to find out.

Introducing Boomer Yearbook- a free and easy online social network dedicated to world wide boomers. Whether you just want to touch base with old friends or meet boomers around the world, this network offers you more than socialization. Have live chats with other boomers! Post up blogs and create your desired group! Enjoy the challenging and mind-twisting psychology games that boost not only your mental capability, but also enhance your self-esteem as you finish each new challenge! Boomer Yearbook offers more than connection. You get to connect, enjoy, and have fun!

So why wait for tomorrow to connect with boomers. Sign up for free now and re-live boomer mania!